Sun Direct – DTH Complaint

I am a customer of sun direct from past one year. I bought this connection in (Krishnagiri)Tamilnadu from one of the dealer over there, till date the connection is in dealer’s name. And i got transferred to bangalore because of which we shifted sun direct connection to the same place. And from past 4-5 months i have been recharging my connection from bangalore every month by calling the following numbers (080-39407575 and 18002007575)and all these months the recharge was succesful.

And this month (25.05.2010 at 8 or 8.30-PM) i recharged my sun direct connection # 41047884576, and i have been told that it will be activated with in 15-20 minutes. But the very next day morning (26.05.2010) my sundirect connection got disconnected. Soon after it happened i called the following toll free number (18002007575) they told me that sorry for the inconvinient happened and the same will be rectified or activated with in 24hrs and they gave me the following compliant number 0022032663.

But the same is not happened even after 24hrs. So, i have called the customercare and told them the entire story but after hearing all the reply from the CSR was the connection is in tamilnadu and you cannot call karnataka customer care. Again i have replied saying that i gave my T series number and scratch card number to karnataka customer care and we have shifted to karnataka before 6 months.

They kept me on hold for sometime so i asked them to transfer to any of the superior who is in-charge then the floor manager told me that it will take 48hrs to rectify the problem some of our CSR who is newly recruited has given you the wrong information and when i asked them what is the problem i have been told that taking my scratch card they have recharged it to some other number which is in Raichur then without giving any solution they disconnected the line. And Again i called spoke to Mr.Raj (floor in-charge) by 10pm he told me that the problem will be rectified with in 2hrs and i will call you back with in 2hrs because of which i was awaken till 12.30pm.

Like this i would have spoke to sundirect DTH
customer for more then 10-12 times but i dint get any solution from them.

Again after 48hrs hours i called customer care spoke to Miss.Margret she told that cant assist me because the card is in tamilnadu connection after hearing the entire story and i asked her to transfer the call to any of the superiors she asked me to hold the line and disconnected. Till date i dint get any solution or call from them. My T series # T001000007837620 and scratch card # 7989 9532 7106 2691 Rs.100

Its not the matter of money but the way they respond to our problem
matters.I am very much fedup because of the service and even now our sundirect connection is not working.

Name of Customer Support Rep. You Talked to:
Miss.Margret-CSR, Mr.Raj-Floor Manager and many more where i could not remember the name’s

Your Postal Address:-
29, 6th cross, Iyappa temple block, Vannarpet, Vivek nagar (Po), & Bangalore-560047

Your Contact Number:- 9620560557

Complaint By:- Psalms.V

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  • sun direct no signal please respos me.

  • please explain whether sun direct can be used in karnataka which was purchased and used for 2 years in tamilnadu.